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Earthquakes In Kansas?


"Yikes" Earthquakes in Kansas

“Yikes” Earthquakes in Kansas

Earthquakes in Kansas, really?  Most all Kansans felt this last one at 7:02 AM Saturday September  03, Wow, what a feeling, I am sure that most of you like me even heard the rumble that came with this 5.6 earthquake.  For some reason it just does not feel natural to have earthquakes in Kansas I mean we are known for our tornadoes and hailstorms and some high winds that can cause damage but not earthquakes, they belong in California like hurricanes belong in Florida and Texas.


Earthquake coverage is not part of your regular homeowners, renters or condominium insurance policy. This coverage will require a separate policy or en

dorsement to your homeowners policy and the deductible will be a percent of your dwelling coverage generally 2% or higher. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer this coverage.


So, the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind right now is should I buy earthquake coverage for my home! Well that depends, the odds are low that we here in Kansas will ever see an earthquake that causes enough damage for you to collect from this type of coverage but then again most people will never see their home destroyed by fire or blown away from a tornado but we sure would not want to be caught without this type of coverage just in case, right.  The cost for this coverage in Kansas can be between $40 and $80 per year in most cases.   The best time to buy earthquake insurance is before an earthquake.

The Insurance Information Institute shows that only 8% of homeowners in the Midwest have earthquake insurance.

You can also check out the Consumer alert from The Kansas Insurance Department.


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