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Thunderstorm Deaths!


Thunderstorm deaths

Thunderstorm deaths

3 Things You Need to Know About Thunderstorm Deaths

According to the National Weather Service, an average of ninety-three deaths and over three hundred injuries happen each year nationwide due to thunderstorms. In many cases, these are unfortunate tragedies that most likely could have been prevented by taking a few common safety precautions. Here are three things you need to know about thunderstorm deaths and injuries.

#1: Most Fatalities and Injuries Are Senseless

When a storm hits, use care and thought to keep yourself from being involved in a scenario that could quickly turn tragic. Stay inside and away from doors and windows. If you must go outdoors, watch for flying debris picked up by the wind and quickly make your way to the nearest shelter. While this may seem simple enough, people simply not paying attention to how serious a storm can be cause a great majority of senseless deaths and injuries.

#2: Drowning is Far Too Common

According to first responders, one of the most common causes of storm deaths is drowning. Many drivers feel as though they can make it across a flooded wash or creek and end up swept away or stranded. In addition, children think playing near storm drains or ditches is a fun way to pass the time. Both scenarios can turn deadly in a hurry, so it is important to stay away from both if possible. Remember, turn around and don’t drown!

#3: Lightning is a Major Cause of Injury and Death

Lightning is another major cause of injury and death each year. Many people who have been struck while standing outdoors and survived often report that they didn’t think the storm was as close as it was or they didn’t think it could happen to them. While staying inside is important, other injury situations involving lightning can take place even while doing so. Avoid taking a shower, washing dishes, bathing, or other water-related activities during a storm. If lightning does strike your home and you are engaging in one of these tasks, there is a large chance you could be electrocuted.

What to Do During a Storm

If a storm does hit in your area, it is important to stay inside and take extra precautions. Make sure you’ve secured all doors and windows appropriately. Put away any patio furniture, accessories, or loose items before the thunderstorm to help prevent the items from becoming projectiles. Preparing for storm season also includes having adequate home and auto insurance coverage. For more information or to review your policy, please contact us today.


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