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Your Home Is On Fire, Is Your Family Ready?


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Your Home Is On Fire, How Will Your Family Respond?

Are You Prepared? Are you sure?

Seconds can mean life or death. In my business, I help individuals protect and replace their assets should something bad happen like a fire destroying their home. While I can do this, I cannot help them replace the loss of a loved one from a fire. This is why you need to not only have a fire escape plan, but you also need to rehearse that plan with your family, including your children. Actually run through the entire plan from wake up to meeting place. This will alert you to any unforeseen obstacles such as: can your child unlock all doors from both sides, are their windows nailed or painted shut? Make sure they know how to open the screens and storm windows.  If they sleep on the second or third floors, how will they get down safely? What if they sleep in the basement, how will they get out? Do all windows open easily, or have you fixed them so intruders cannot get in? Remember, if your home is on fire seconds can make the difference between life and death. With fire children, will be extremely freighted, they must practice their escape plan and it is the adults’ responsibility to see that they can escape unassisted. Talk to your children. Help them understand that having a plan and knowing what to do in an emergency will help everyone be safe. Explain to them that you will help them to know the way out and once they are out- they stay out. Under NO circumstances should they ever re-enter any building once they are out. Have a planned meeting place, make sure they know what neighbors they should go to for help. Reassure your children that you will meet them at the meeting place and to wait for you there. I can still remember waking our daughters who slept in our basement, from a sound sleep to have a fire drill. We kept the lights off and they had to crawl out the window to safety (I am sure they still remember this as well). Fortunately, we have never had a house fire.

Remember to do the following:

Make sure the address numbers on your home are visible from the street and easy to find.

Never leave cooking unattended.

Never leave candles unattended.

Sleep with all bedroom doors closed to help keep smoke out in the event of fire.

Be sure to keep at least three feet of space around space heaters.

Replace any smoke detectors that are more than 10 years old.

Replace all smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries at least once every year.

Use of Extension cords should only be used for temporary events, such as power tools.                      Power strips used for most other applications.

Review your home insurance to be sure you are properly insured. If you have questions, feel free to call us even if you are not our client.

For more great fire safety ideas check out the link for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Steve Pore is the agency owner of Insurance Agency Inc., He started as an agency Farmers Insurance  Group in 1976. In 2014 he sold his agency to Farmers Insurance and opened his own independent insurance agency. You can reach Steve @ (316) 773-9710, like our facebook page @


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